Lord, I am struggling

My heart hurts with pain immeasurable

I aim to trust you

When I feel I am finally on the correct path

I stumble in every hole that lays before me

My weeping begins again

How many tears have I cried?

Do You really know how many I have shed?

You know the final outcome,

the end result

I feel lacking in my faith

My fear and worry take over

Please help

Show me the way to peace

Aid me in surrendering

I cannot carry this burden every minute of every day

Will you take it from me?

I know I can trust you with it,

yet I struggle to free myself of its grip

Bring calm to my aching heart

Fill the void,

the depths that are breaking

Be the Light on my path

Help me to continue to worship amidst the pain

Bring contentment

Give me the strength to walk another step,

not blinded by my selfish feelings,

but seeing You have my hand and will deliver me

Be my Rock that shelters me from the storms.