As I reflect on the last couple weeks I have mixed feelings.  I was very upset with myself for allowing such despair to creep back in and ruin my days.  I am learning, though, that it is okay to have bad days.  It is alright to question why this is happening to me.  Even as I was on the brink of throwing in the towel, I knew I would find a place of comfort again.  Some of my healing from this recent valley came from my better half.  He has not always understood the depth of my pain through this, but he provided just what I needed last week.  He was the embrace I needed.  The shoulder and the ear.  Within the confines of his arms I feel like I can make it through anything.  

As I muttered, “I give up,” to God I knew I wouldn’t.  How do you give up on your dream?  The Lord also provided some hope at just the right time.  It was like He was saying, “Don’t give up, child, I have a plan.”  This is the start of a new week and my prayer is that I can continue to find comfort and hope in the Lord.