This past Wednesday I had my first bible study on dealing with trials and adversity in life.  Though I still do not understand my situation or why it cannot be different right now, I feel I have started to see light among the darkness of despair.  As I was surrounded by 18 other women, who came with their own baggage, their own doubts, their own tribulations, I was actually encouraged.  Our commonality is pain and difficulties, and through our time together I found a new resolve to keep pressing on.  The author of the book we are reading said, “Pain is pain, and all pain hurts.”  Infertility is my trial.  It is my pain, and even though I have not experienced some of the pain these women have I can relate to them.  As I shared what God had placed on my heart, I felt overwhelmingly that I was doing exactly what He wanted me to do at that moment.  For the first time in this journey, I feel like I am thinking less of myself and more on what I can do for others.  I look forward to what we will continue to learn in this study.  My story is difficult to share, but the reward in doing so is that I can help others.  When I got home Wednesday, I was almost joyous over my circumstances.  I couldn’t believe it.  How could I find happiness among the pain?  My joy is in the Lord.  Purpose found.